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Just... things I like. Can't give a much more detailed description.


SYAC - Poster Sketch 2 by TomPreston

I liked the last sketch, but this one is a LOT more powerful. Everyone has very eye-catching expressions and the poses makes this look ...




Gooseka the Ducklett

Guild: Researchers

:bulletblue: Personal Info:bulletblue:

Name: Gooseka Embden
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Age:  20 years (young adult)
Birthday: 9th of November

Height: 45cm (1'6")
Weight: 5kg (11lbs)

:bulletblue: Personality:bulletblue:

Nature: Jolly
Trait: Impetuous and Silly

Gooseka is generally very happy pokémon, but has a very short fuse and often gets into fights or arguments. At times, he can have a difficult time finding words, but fights that problem by coming up with a word on his own.
Can sometimes seem a bit inconsiderate without having the intention and gets slightly confused if someone gets offended by his words. In other words: can sometimes be a bit too honest.

He is also a very persistent and stubborn Ducklett; If something is started, he will keep at it until it's finished or he collapses from exhaustion (which has happened more than one time). This persistence has given him a great sense of memory and as long as he's not talking or sleeping, he can always be heard humming on a tune he knows.

He likes wandering about, but due to Darasheep's somewhat impaired vision, he most often sits on her head to make sure she doesn't get hurt by walking into another pokémon or a wall and his goal every day is to make her laugh at least once.

:bulletblue: Moves and Ability:bulletblue:

Ability: Big Pecks

While Gooseka's flying isn't the best, he has got very strong wings that are pretty good for whooping some butt, if need be.


:iconnormaltypeplz: Round: Gooseka abosutely loves singing. As told earlier, he spends every wake hour humming on a tune. Not often used as an attack, but he has a strong voice, making it rather effective when used as one.

:iconflyingtypeplz: Brave Bird: This move is most often used as a take-down attack, ramming into his opponent with full power in an attempt to quickly knock them off their feet.
Gooseka isn't one to back down from a fight. He will push it to the limit or even further if the need is there, even if that that means risking to get hurt, himself.

:iconnormaltypeplz: Sleep Talk: Being a rather sleepy character, Gooseka spends many hours sleeping. However, that does not mean that he can't be active while venturing through the city of dreams. He can often be heard talking or even singing while sleeping.


:bulletblue: Attribute:bulletblue:

Strenght: 4/5
Gooseka cannot fly, but what he lacks in flight, he makes up for in power to peck someone unliked's face in, if he finds enough of a reason to do so. He got this strength from being a bit of a hot-heat in his early life, often breaking stuff he got his wings on to get his anger out. He also often got into fights with both family members and not, which also contributed to his strength quite a bit. If prompted by a close friend, he won't really say no to a friendly game of wrestling, either. If anything, he'd be more than happy to join.

Intelligence: 3/5
Despite having a bit of a steamy attitude, if left to think about a problem, he can easily come up with a solution to most problems. He is not as technologically avid as his Flaaffy partner, but while she is faffing about with some technobubblic thingamajiggers, he often watches her as it somewhat fascinates him. Don't give him a mathematical problem though, unless you're ready to wait two hours for him to solve it.

Agility: 4/5 (2 bonus points)
As mentioned above, this Ducklett does not fly, but that hasn't really made him less gracious, as he often dances (unless perched on top of his partner's fluffy head) and has generally a good coordination, unless he's too energetic; his sense of balance and coordination somehow gets better when he's more sleep-deprived and tired than when he's well-rested and brisk.

Charisma 1/5
Quite strong, pretty smart and well coordinated... but not often very charming. Ill-placed jokes, rude comments and generally a grumpy bird, he easily gets under the skin on Pokémon not used to his silly antics and behaviour.

:bulletblue: Family and Relationships:bulletblue:

Father: Michel, Altaria
Mother: Lilianne, Swanna
Siblings: Vince (li'l bro), Ducklett
Michelle (big sis), Swablu
Cambria (big half-sis), Swanna
Yannis (Big half-bro), Scrafty
Yan (Big half-bro), Scrafty

Darasheep the Flaaffy; Best friend
Andrew the Monferno; Best friend

♥Crush♥: Unknown

Gooseka met Darasheep at a café called Spyde, which is a "blind-date" café where one can enter and through written letters sent via a Spinaraks threads, talk to random people from around the café. Hesitant at first, Gooseka took a week or so before deciding to enter and by chance, got into a conversation with Darasheep. The two slowly got to know each other and became good friends. He is unsure of how strong his feelings are for the Flaaffy and due to some unfortunate events, talking to her about it is out of the question for the time being.

:bulletblue: Short timeline before becoming a Researcher:bulletblue:
> Was born at a farm on the outskirts of a city, near a river.
> Had some trouble in the local village and was sent to his grandparents to get a break.
> Met Andrew, a somewhat unusual Chimchar and they quickly became friends.
> Went back to his home village.
> Met Dara at Café Spyde along with another Pokémon.
> Got in a fight with the other Pokémon.
> Left out of anger.
> Happened upon the fog of Andaluust.
> Joined Darasheep at the inside and became a Researcher

:bulletblue: Fun facts:bulletblue:
~ A Master of puns.
~ Often pulls feathers from his plumage if he feels them being out of place, due to having a smal case of OCD.
~ Is very openly emotional on positive emotions, but is very closed about negative ones.
~ He REALLY loves to sing... and dance. If in the right mood, he hums on a tune and might even dance, rather than walk and often uses dance-like moves in order not to fall over when tripping or to avert bumping into someone.
EvictedOwls by Mnjooschji
Hoot: - "I delivered it!"
Athena: - "... Hoo the heck is this nu'er?"

Inspired by Yogscast Nilesy and Hannah's "Evicted" Minecraft series, where Hoot was sent to deliver some mail, but ended up being gone for a month or two... Quite a long time, considering he was only going to fly about 20 metres...

While he was gone, the two got themselves a new owl, Athena and I imagined this were the owls' thoughts when meeting for the first time after Hoot's wild endeavour to deliver the mail.


Oskar C
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Video game Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Everything between 8-bit and photography
MP3 player of choice: The one I have...
Shell of choice: Conch!
Wallpaper of choice: Invertebrates or snakes
Skin of choice: Scales or exo-skeleton.
Favourite cartoon character: Keroro Gunsou
Personal Quote: I'm simple, but complicated.
Man, I'm really frick-frackin' boring in this place, ain't I?

I mean, I haven't really done much, I don't talk much, post much... I'm PR-T Goose down boring.

I need to do stuff. Talk more.

Motivation, where the heron are you?
  • Mood: Isolated
  • Listening to: Things

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